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At First, ist is not possible to place articles which are not written by me on the website.

My website is in the Alexa Ranking since years constant under the best 25.000 to 35.000 German websites. In 2017 the traffic was about 45.000 Visitors per Month. She is good placed in the categories Health, Nutrition, excellent place in the category space exploration and a good rank in Computer topics. These are also the main topics of this web site.

I accept Back-link-Advertisment. It is possible to place a link in an existing article. If you book after the lifetime-Model i can write a new one which fits to your keyword / customer-link. An income is well seen, but always the information of my readers is the main purpose of my work, So even a new written article will be an information article and not an Advertisement-Article which is only a Container or the Link.

If you prefer to book on an existing page, which is the course of action i prefer, i can give you a list of pages which i think fits good to your keyword / Link.


The website has two major sections. At first the website as it exists since 1998. The URL of the website is Second since 2006 i write my own wordpress-blog. It has the url:

Since i write more Blog articles, they are shorter and creating them there is much less work there are two base prices for publishing a link in the Website or in the blog.

For links which damage my reputation I want a 50 % fee for that fact.

After the experience I made in the last years I only offer two periods in which the links are online: one year and lifetime (as long the website exists). If you order more than one links a discount is possible since the sum includes the time of writing the bill and dealing with the customer.

Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer. The table shows you the prices for links:






Link 1 year

150 €

100 €

Link Lifetime

300 €

200 €

reputation damaging  Link 1 year

225 €

150 €

reputation damaging  Link Lifetime

450 €

300 €

Since Embedding the Link is not as much work as dealing with customers and writing bills, you can get an Discount if you buy more than one Link:

Number of Links



25 %


33 %


40 %



If you have interest in booking a link you can contact me under