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Launchlog Converter

Jonathan McDonnell provides a complete List of all Space Launches and Launch Attempts. I wrote a program to extract Data from this launch log and to create HTML Files. Here you find some files provided by the program to show its capabilities.

The english Documentation is quite old, and not actual. Also the program has now sveral new Features and possibilities, which are described in the German documentation.

Download Download Page
Tutorial 1 Explanation of Setting up and Coloring
Tutorial 2 Demonstration of CSV Export
Tutorial 3 Setting Folders, Copy in Clipboard Success stats
Tutorial 4 Summaries by Date and Field
Tutorial 5 Summary by Filed and Date and Charts
Demo 1 Demo HTML created by the program :One: Simple Table with Color effects
Demo 2 Shows a color sweep at a table
Demo 3 Summary by Date of all Launches from 1957 to 2007
Ariane 5 Starts Demo for the option "HTML complete"

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